Experience the Real Food Vitamins® Difference!

Our mission at Real Food Vitamins® is to provide the highest quality supplements and the best customer service all in one place. That means you can stop spending hours searching for high-quality supplements—we’ve got what you need, and we’ll get it to you fast. We offer pharmaceutical-grade supplements that are well absorbed and free of contaminants, additives, artificial sweeteners or junk fillers. We select our supplements based on their efficacy and overall quality, ensuring that we only stock the very best. When you order from us, you know you’re getting top notch, professional grade nutritional supplements, period.

At Real Food Vitamins™, here are a few things we do for you:

Best Quality

Quality is essential for getting the results you want when it comes to both food and supplements. That’s why we’re committed to only carrying pharmaceutical-grade brands of nutritional supplements. What does this mean for you? You can relax knowing that, with us, you are getting the very best nutritional supplements available on the market today.  

Strict Manufacturing Standards

We follow Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), which means we fully guarantee that all of our products are produced utilizing the highest standards. They’re rigorously tested and monitored throughout the manufacturing process both for their purity and the quantity of all dietary ingredients. This comprehensive research-based approach allows us to deliver a consistently superior product with accurate label claims every time you order. 

No Junk Fillers or Additives

Our products deliver the most absorbable, easy-to-digest nutrients with no additives, no junk fillers, no artificial sweeteners—just the honest-to-goodness nutrients that you would find in real food. 

Fresh and Temperature Controlled

Our products are shipped from high volume warehouses. This means you’re getting the freshest possible products, since they haven’t lost their potency like products that sit on shelves of stores for months or years. We store our products in temperature-controlled warehouses, and temperature sensitive products are always stored in refrigerated areas and shipped with cold packs when necessary.

Excellent Value

We leave out the additional time and costs of retail, shelving and other “middle man” expenses. That means you end up with the highest quality products, at rock-bottom prices, delivered right to your door. 

Latest Research

The media is filled with “health tips” that are confusing and contradictory at best, and simply false at their worst. Our goal is to spread truthful, life-changing, research-based information to help you live a long, happy and healthy life. We recommend signing up for our founder’s newsletter over at Cassie.net  to stay up-to-date on cutting edge health news and nutrient advancements, and for your own personalized supplement recommendations, book your one-on-one call with a Dietitian Coach to get on the fast track!